dear all, 

we had some issues with our mail server. this is why all our order confirmation messages went straight to your spam folder or the messages were blocked completely by your provider. the mail system is now up and running again. 

all who have ordered between sunday and wednesday: if you did not get a order confirmation mail, please check your paypal transaction. if the payment is either authorized or captured the order is fine and you will get a shipping note as soon it is shipped. we will also link the tracking code in the paypal transaction so even if your system is still blocking our mails, you can check the tracking code via your paypal transaction and the DHL page. 

we are deeply sorry and try to send out all the early orders very soon. 

sincerely yours, 

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golden baby - forgotten world 2

11,00  Out of stock
golden baby - forgotten world 1+2

22,00  Out of stock
dj metatron - loops of infinity (a rave loveletter)

4x 12" LP album

the phantasy - ibiza + ibiza pt. ii

2x double LP (4x 12")

40,00  Out of stock
prime minister of doom - mudshadow propaganda

3x12" LP album

35,00  Out of stock
dj healer - nothing 2 loose

3x12" LP album


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